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  • It's in the air; everywhere we look around - hope, joy and lots of pie. Even on the Health Department website, we found holiday sentiment lurking in the names of a few unlucky establishments, among the mentions of ill-fitting sink fixtures and pos...

  • Robb Walsh has been visiting donut shops all over town but for now, at least until things clear up, he might want to avoid these few bad apple fritters: We know he loves Shipley Donuts. But the one at 6619 Tidwell was a repeat offender for substan...

  • 10 years ago | On the Menu

    Famous for out-beefing the local competition with their 9-ounce burgers, 9ers is one of those diners that boast a menu of everything under the sun, so long as it's fried. It's not fancy and it's never cool, but if you're going to do something wron...

  • 10 years ago | On the Menu

    Sunrise Taquito (5601 Memorial) is a divine little gas station food shop that exudes warmth and familiarity. Eating there is like sitting at the breakfast table while your parents cook, only with less probing questions about the night before. Ther...

  • The Health Department inspection search website is generally (and thankfully) populated by one star hotel food prep areas, shady gas stations and restaurant names I don't recognize. The occasional gem or curiosity will pop up, but this week the in...

  • 10 years ago | On the Menu

    Many Americans may be expecting a lump of coal in their hanging folders at work instead of holiday bonuses, but if Clark Griswold has taught us anything, it's that an undying devotion to holiday spirit can get you through the most well-earned of p...

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