Matthew Keever

Matthew Keever

Matt is a regular contributor to the Houston Press’ music section. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in print journalism and global business. Matt first began writing for the Press as an intern, having accidentally sent his resume to the publication's music editor instead of the news chief. After half a decade of attending concerts and interviewing musicians, he has credited this fortuitous mistake to divine intervention.

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  • 3 days ago | Concerts

    Pick of the Week: Morrissey White Oak Music Hall – 09.21 Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has become a contentious figure in recent years, most recently with his defense of nationalism. But damn it, the man sure can sing and tug at fans' heartstri...

  • 9 days ago | Concerts

    The National White Oak Music Hall September 11, 2019 Matt Berninger's voice sounds like a stiff drink. His gruff baritone has been likened to bourbon, and he typically serves it neat. But on his band's latest record — and its accompanying tour, wh...

  • 10 days ago | Concerts

    The Texans may not have been able to secure a win over the New Orleans Saints earlier this week, but our readers can at least secure an entertaining evening with the help of this week's concert watch. Keep scrolling to see the five best acts visit...

  • 17 days ago | Concerts

    The fall season doesn't officially begin for nearly three weeks but - like most overzealous Millennials - we here at the Houston Press have emerged from the Labor Day weekend with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorations in tow. Won't y...

  • 19 days ago | Concerts

    Backstreet Boys Toyota Center August 31, 2019 Had someone suggested in recent years that the Backstreet Boys would be on tour in 2019 supporting a number one album, I would have told them to quit playing games with my heart. But on Saturday n...

  • 24 days ago | Concerts

    Another Wednesday is upon us, dear readers, and we at the Houston Press have been hard at work compiling another concert watch for your enjoyment. This go-round we highlight a reunited boy band, a hellish punk rocker, a country trio, a Mexica...

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