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  • 22 years ago | Longform

    Five years ago, as Texas was expanding its prison system into one of the largest in the world, state Comptroller John Sharp was looking for ways to cut costs. For the previous half-decade, the price of inmate health care had been rising at a rate ...

  • 22 years ago | Longform

    In 1993, when the Legislature passed a bill giving responsibility for most of the medical care of the state's prison inmates to the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, it seemed lik...

  • 22 years ago | Longform

    It's six o'clock on a Thursday evening, and in the East End, the buses are getting ready to roll. Crowds of travelers and their families are packing into a handful of bus stations that line a seven-block area on Harrisburg Boulevard between Waysid...

  • 23 years ago

    Like other members of his therapy group, Jose Grover was encouraged to talk about his sex life and fantasies. Forty years old and noticeably mentally retarded, Grover was required to attend and participate in the weekly sessions as a condition of ...

  • 23 years ago | Restaurant Reviews

    With a few rare exceptions, chain hotels are not places you'd expect to find fine cuisine. Chains are too often eyeing the bottom line; as a result, their dining rooms typically offer bland food. And yet here I was among the potted plants of the R...

  • 23 years ago | Longform

    Under the front stairs of Charles H. Milby High School is a place that, almost 35 years after I graduated, still casts a spell on me. For no obvious structural reason, the bottom portion of a newel post from the second floor protrudes a foot down ...

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