Best Of Houston® 2001

Best of Houston 2001

To paraphrase writer and filmmaker Dore Schary, the true portrait of a city is the fusion of what it thinks it is, what others think it is, what it really is and what it tries to be.

That set the direction of our experiment.

We pulled together various elements with different properties from all over this city, organic and inorganic, stirred ’em up, poured ’em from one container to another, and then applied heat — heat from the kitchens of our best restaurants, heat generated from athletes striving to beat their previous best, heat from the combustion of ideas at City Hall, heat from inspired works of art, as well as the heat from being 30 degrees north of the equator.

The result of our experiment is a celebration of the energy generated in Fusion City, the Best of Houston® 2001.

Sally A. Huffer, Best of Houston editor

Best Of Houston®

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