Best Of Houston® 2002

Better Than Ever

Floods? Terrorist threats? Long, nasty court cases and horrible business scandals? A failed Olympic bid? A second year atop the nation's fattest cities list? These things might be the downfall of some cities, but not ours. With its notorious do-it-yourself style, Houston answers bad news with a big "So what?" smile! Who cares about Enron when we've got the Texans? Who cares about chubby thighs when we've got so many great restaurants to choose from? Houston is back and better than ever. This new and improved version includes fancy features like shiny, spacious sports arenas and the promise of speedy, modern light rail. Plus, it has all the fascinating people to see, the fun stuff to do, the exciting places to go and the delicious things to eat that you've come to expect from the Bayou City.

But what's that we hear? You don't know what to do with this brand-new, super-fantastic Houston? Don't know where to begin to explore? Well, don't worry, because that's where Best of Houston comes in. Consider this your guidebook -- no, your owner's manual -- to what's great about our fair city. The best of City Life, Arts & Entertainment, Goods & Services, Sports & Recreation, Restaurants and Dishes & Drinks -- it's all here in black and white, neatly organized for your convenience and 100 percent guaranteed. And don't miss the stories of the Comeback Kids, a few of the Houstonians who exemplify our can't-keep-a-good-city-down philosophy. This issue is a must-read for all those who absolutely have to get their hands on this hot new product: Houston!

Best Of Houston®

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