Cherryhurst Park Great parks don't always come in big packages. In fact, some of the best neighborhoods wrap around intimate spaces where people meet over a picnic blanket, under an arching bough or across a newspaper and a park bench. Stroll down Missouri Street in the heart of the Montrose and you'll notice Cherryhurst Park among the stately oaks -- some of the most elegant in the city. They invite you past the colorful murals on the small clubhouse and onto a winding path lined with flowering, subtropical plants. A compact tennis court and playground don't overwhelm the green space, which centers on a substantial grassy hillock. At a square block in size, the park is cozy, but the majestic trees, rolling lawn and creatively landscaped gardens somehow make it feel much larger. Every neighborhood deserves a park like Cherryhurst.

Meat and Verb Houston is not the best place in the world to go graffiti hunting. Most of the cats out here are merely taggers with limited skill, or have no regard for art whatsoever. But we do have a couple of superstars who take their work seriously -- and who haven't yet graduated to the legal stuff. Meat and Verb have taken over the H-town graffiti scene. The adventurous pair, hands down the 2004 champs, usually paints their unique lettering high in the sky. Some works consist of only one or two colors -- like the ones you might see high above 59 South on the green signs as you approach the Shepherd exit -- and some are straight-up masterpieces. The best way to find the work of these artists is to just look up wherever you happen to be in the center city, and there they are. You'll see Meat and Verb on billboards, walls, traffic signs... these guys are nuts!

Our thanks go out to the urban survivalists who endured the construction and found these Categories We Forgot

Best Bar Atmosphere

Red Lion Pub, 2316 S. Shepherd, 713-782-3030

Best Bloody Mary

Mary's, 1022 Westheimer, 713-527-9669

Best Dance Event

Barnevelder Movement/Art Center's Big Range Dance Festival

Best French Fries

Barnaby's Cafe, 604 Fairview, 713-522-0106; and other locations

Best Irish Pub

Brian O'Neill's, 5555 Morningside, 713-522-2603,

Best Karaoke

Karaoke Junkie at Azteca's Margarita Bar & Grill, 2207 Richmond, 713-643-0683

Best New Store

Tansu, 321-B W. 19th, 713-880-5100,

Best Philly Cheese Steak

Firehouse Philly's, 1111 Prairie, 713-225-3473

Best Veterinarian

Montrose Veterinary Clinic, 1701 Montrose, 713-524-3814

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