Arne's Located in a spooky, red brick factory building in the industrial strip between Montrose and the Heights, Arne's is the perfect department store for all of your ghoulish needs. Hike up the stairs and past the still-operating conveyor belt and you'll find enough freakish fashion options to outfit an apocalypse. Whether you're into witches, devils, vampires, demons, trolls or fluffy bunnies, Arne's has got you covered. Choose from not one but two varieties of beehive wigs, ten kinds of boas and four types of horns that attach to your head. Arne's is the Wal-Mart of the underworld; creepy deals slither off the shelves. Get a witch's cauldron for only $3.96 or a plastic butt for $4.92. With so much to choose from, you might have a hard time making up your mind. If all else fails, go for the pregnant nun, complete with inflatable belly.

Flea Market Row Driving up Airline past I-45 and 610 on a Sunday afternoon, you might think you're approaching a Rolling Stones concert or a sold-out Houston Texans game. But nope. You would have known if the Stones were coming to town, and the Texans play in that building down by the Dome. So what the heck is going on up here? Just an average Sunday on Flea Market Row, with half the city out on a shopping -- and drinking -- expedition. The markets are within walking distance of one another and all feature live music from the region's best Latino musicians. The fare is traditional: bootleg Chingo Bling T-shirts, Dope House Records CDs, Mexican blankets, Day of the Dead stuff, tools and cigarettes. Bring ten bucks and get a beer, some nachos, a rusty pipe wrench and a butane lighter and stroll to the sounds of mariachi, Tejano, cumbia and even some rock en espaol.

Jim Burwell Rover Oaks Pet Resort offers boarding, grooming, classes and all the other amenities available at today's high-end pet facilities. But more important than the expensive clippers and gourmet dog food is owner-founder Jim Burwell, who has an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs. Not some weird "dog guy," he's more a gentle "dog whisperer." Even when coaching large groups of animals, his soothing tone and gentle demeanor have pooches eating out of his palm. Burwell can take on spastic Jack Russells or bossy, burly boxers and gentrify them into well-mannered mutts. (Does he secretly stash a steak in his pocket?) His pleasant persona is so reassuring, you wouldn't have a problem leaving your kids with him, much less your golden retriever. Burwell's Rover Oaks is the perfect place to let the dawgs out.

Christopher's Fine Wines The former Christopher's Wine Warehouse may have a new name and location, but the selection, ambience and staff expertise carry on in the tradition of excellence that longtime customers appreciate. Christopher Massie has been in the business for 20 years, so he knows his stuff. And if you hang out long enough at his shop, you will too. Oenophiles will delight over the wide selection, including labels from Europe, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. And bottles start at $10.99, so you don't have to break the bank. For those whose knowledge of wines is limited to the sweet nectar of Boone's Farm, Christopher's hosts a weekly wine seminar and frequent wine tastings. Private parties are also welcome.

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