Houston talk radio tends to be nutty. On the commercial dial, you've got every shade of right-wing hot air, from Rush Limbaugh's parroting of the Republican party line all the way to Michael Savage's lunatic fringe rantings. (In between, you've got a bunch of locals like Chris Baker, Edd Hendee and Dan Patrick all more or less agreeing with one another.) Meanwhile, the left is pretty much confined to KPFT, where many of the special-interest-dominated leftist shows are just as chock-full of crazy talk. Not so with Glenn Urbach and Staci "The Doctor" Davis, whose "aggressive progressive" show The Other Side lives up to its name. These two are left-wing, sure, but no wingnuts -- just "uncompromisingly liberal" tough guys with the courage of their convictions and the ability to convey them. Sure, the commercial stations are always saying they want to hire sharp, left-wing hosts. We don't believe 'em. If they meant what they said, Urbach and Davis would already be on one of them in drive time.

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