Best Of Houston® 2005

It's been a good year for Houston -- a vintage year, even. The world watched as so many of us opened our arms to the good people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, who for now will call Houston home. Yao Ming dominated, Ken Lay did the perp walk, and major record contracts showered down on a deserving crop of artists. Freeways widened and azaleas bloomed, infusing the air with full-bodied, infinite possibility -- and hints of fruit, oak and bayou. We don't need a sommelier to tell us that the spirit of Houston is an intoxicating one indeed. So raise your glass with us and toast the city's best City Life, Arts & Entertainment, Goods & Services, Sports & Recreation, Dishes & Drinks and Restaurants. We've uncorked vintage H-town for our 2005 Best of Houston issue. Let's get the party started! Cheers, Matt Sonzala

Best Of Houston®

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