Best Of Houston® 2007

Did you know that in 1817, Galveston was a pirate kingdom headed up by Jean Lafitte? It's said that today, his buried treasure lies somewhere between Galveston, Bolivar Peninsula and High Island. But that isn't the only clandestine cache around -- the urban pirates at the Houston Press, descendants of mighty Lafitte, have uncovered plenty more for our 2007 Best of Houston® edition. Here and on the coast, we've dug up the best Goods and Services (Buccaneer's Booty), City Life (Land Ho!), Arts and Entertainment (Roger's Jollies), Sports and Recreation (Pirate's Respite), Restaurants (To the Galley!), and Dishes and Drinks (Grogs 'n' Grub). Check inside and explore our treasure trove. And don't forget to explore our specially selected Hidden Treasures.

Best Of Houston®

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