Dave Rosales

There's a reason that The Chocolate Bar has a reputation as a chocoholic's heaven. From the dozens of flavors of chocolate ice cream to the endless choices of chocolate pies (and hot chocolate to put your grandma to shame), there's something here for everybody. As long as they like chocolate, that is. But the enormous, multilayered cakes stand out here, glistening in their cases like a fever dream brought on by too many viewings of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although a slice of the dreamy, chocolate-upon-chocolate Aunt Etta's cake will run you $9.95, it's all the better to share with a friend — especially over two glasses of cold whole milk, legs dangling innocently from the high bar stools as you eat. Afterwards, work off the sugar buzz with a frenzied jaunt through Candylicious, the candy shop on the other side of the store, as you recapture your chocolate-loving childhood, if just for an afternoon.

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