Sometime over the past year, plus-size singer and previous Best of Houston® winner YouGenious either decided that he was no longer content merely to be Houston's "Misfit of R&B," or that although Shakespeare may have said all the world's a stage, it was up to ­YouGenious to prove it. So he and some friends founded GoREALah soul, "Houston's only professional party crashers." Combining trespassing with high-spirited performance art, YouGenious and his posse — which usually includes a cameraman (of course) and DJ Juan 1, clad in a bear costume and toting a boom box hooked up to an amplifier — have shown up unannounced to events ranging from public-access TV studios and art openings to Free Press Summer Fest, to hilarious effect. Like their YouTube commercial says, "We go hard or we go home...and as you can see, we ain't at the crib." Hire them to crash your next party at
Photo by Mai Pham
The old Tony Mandola's space that abuts River Oaks experienced a dramatic makeover when Charles Clark and Grant Cooper birthed Brasserie 19 in a whirl of glossy whites, sparkling brass, modern fixtures and old-school charm. It's everything an updated brasserie space should be, with an impossibly long, marble bar and casual seating that almost belies its elegant menu. The food is so good, in fact, that preening, polished River Oaks ladies willingly endure the heat and humidity at a patio table for the Brasserie's mussels in Belgian ale and pan-roasted duck.

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