There's only one art gallery in Houston that sells only contemporary African art — The Gite Gallery. Owner Lloyd Gite was well known to Houston audiences as a popular and respected television news reporter, but when the station where he worked changed management, Gite knew it might be time for a change in careers. He had discovered African art while still a grad student, and began collecting on his various trips to the continent, eventually bringing back pieces for friends as well. On the last day of his television job, Gite got on a plane to Africa and, as he says, "never looked back." Not only does The Gite Gallery focus exclusively on contemporary African art, it displays it in a non-traditional setting. Rather than a large, open space with artwork hanging on white walls, The Gite Gallery resembles a well-appointed home. Gite purchased a pre-WWII-era house in Third Ward and furnished it so that visitors to the gallery would see the artwork displayed as it would be in their own homes rather than in a museum.

When co-owner Joshua Martinez closed The Modular trailer to focus on opening downtown's Goro & Gun, it was bittersweet. Now that G&G is thriving, the much-loved mobile eatery is back...and it's better than ever. With a bit of a makeover (bye-bye, tin can trailer; hello, bright, graffiti-adorned truck), the Modular Unit's menu incorporates Modular classics — such as a stunning, rich and decadent lobster risotto — and Asian-inspired creations — such as fried "hustle" sprouts and Korean chicken-and-waffles. This is one comeback we're thrilled about.

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