There's maybe a two-second window during the summer when it's not too hot and humid to get in 18 holes, or even nine. But getting your fix at the driving range is a lot less dependent on the weather, and you can sharpen your swing or just work out your aggression on this picturesque, well-maintained range in Memorial Park. Baskets of balls run from $4 to $8, and the course doesn't close till 7:30 every night, so even during the week there's time enough for a few long drives.

We can't get to the dog park every day, and sometimes we want a change in the ol' around-the-block routine, so our go-to is the Houston Arboretum. Instead of sniffing the same fire hydrants and garbage cans, your pooch can enjoy the olfactory bliss of the Palmetto Multi-sensory Trail, the Carol Tatkon Sensory Garden, the R.A. Vines Trail, the Biomimicry Trail and other beautiful paths. You've got to keep your little fur-friend on a leash, since there are snakes and poison ivy, but the little guy or gal will be able to experience the sights, sounds and smells of an urban forest, shallow wetland, and more wild plants and flowers than you can shake a tail at. It's not only an explosion of awesome scents for your dog, but a nice change of scenery from the same old sidewalks and mailboxes you've passed a million times.

With one of the best left feet in Major League Soccer, Brad Davis is the Dynamo's all-time game starter and assist leader. He's a superstar, a fact he proved not only during the Dynamo's regular season but also in his time as a member of the 2014 United States World Cup team in Brazil. His talent and drive have taken him to the top of the game, and his heart on the Dynamo field has been unrivaled thus far. Even with the entrance of fancy newcomer DaMarcus Beasley, Davis remains the soul of the team. This veteran bleeds orange.

One of the finest additions to downtown Houston in the past ten years, this mammoth YMCA boasts state-of-the-art equipment, a cornucopia of fitness classes and some of the friendliest staff in the city. We love everything about this joint, from the delicious cafe on the first floor to the weight and cardio area up top that offers a panoramic view of downtown. Everything you need is right here: swimming, basketball, racquetball, fitness camps, and adult and youth sports leagues. The price is right, especially considering what you get. Whether you're a hardcore fitness fanatic or you haven't seen the inside of a gym since you were in high school, this is the place for you.

Forget the days of dark, dank bowling alleys filled with stale cigarette smoke and competitive bowlers. Lucky Strike is way too fancy-pants for that business. Those plastic seats and sticky tables of bowling alley old have been replaced with posh curtains and plush furnishings, creating a lounge-like atmosphere that only the least serious of bowlers could appreciate. But that's part of what makes Lucky Strike so awesome: There are no serious bowlers here. It's all slightly tipsy novices, which makes the atmosphere light, especially once the drinks start flowing. Just make sure you wear your trendiest pair of bowling socks and head over to the city's chic little bowling hall — after all, we don't want anyone mistaking you for a leaguer, now do we?

Back in 2004, Matt Bullard was the runner-up on an ESPN reality show called Dream Job, on which numerous NBA players competed for a chance to land an analyst's job at the network. Ironically, today, the winner of that show (Dee Brown) is bouncing around from job to job in the coaching world, while Bullard thrives in his role as color commentator for Houston Rockets television broadcasts. Bringing the perfect combination of sarcastic wit and more than a decade of real NBA experience (including nine seasons as a Rocket), Bullard combines with Bill Worrell (and for home games, with Clyde Drexler, as well) to deliver a viewer experience that's insightful with just the right sprinkle of "hometown candor." Put it this way: Bullard isn't afraid to let the referees know if they've missed a call that should have gone the Rockets' way. That's why we love him — once a Rocket, always a Rocket!

Unlike almost any other Houston neighborhood, the Museum District is worth exploring on foot for both the scenery and the amount of activities it offers. Roughly bordered by the Southwest Freeway (north), Hermann Park (south), Almeda Road (east) and Rice University (west), the district includes some of Houston's marquee attractions — the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor Theatre, the Japanese Gardens — to go with the 20 museums from which it takes its name. Thanks to the abundant old-growth trees lining the streets, it's one of the shadiest parts of Houston, a recommendation all by itself. But there's plenty of other stuff worth seeing on your morning or evening stroll: the stately churches lining Main Street south of 59, the Braes Bayou trail, and so many doctor's offices and hospitals that some parts feel more like a mini-Medical Center. And of course, if you really want to push your stamina, you can always step across Cambridge Street to the real thing.

The Texans were the worst team in the NFL last year, and their star wide receiver and longest-tenured player? Andre Johnson was seventh in the league in receiving yards and third in receptions despite catching passes from three different quarterbacks. Johnson has received some criticism for not showing up at offseason workouts. That disapproval would be understandable if Johnson's choice to sit out weren't totally justified. All the man wants is a better-than-average quarterback throwing him the ball so he has a shot at bringing Houston a championship. Keep doing you, Dre.

If you're looking for a good place to do some canoeing, you can't go wrong with Buffalo Bayou, where you can commune with nature right in the middle of the city. There are stretches — particularly the areas running through River Oaks (go figure) — that are still wild and verdant, so you can see great blue herons and take in the natural beauty of Houston that is so easy to overlook when you're navigating through the daily hustle and bustle. Put in at Sabine Street near downtown, paddle up to Shepherd at sunset and, from a view possible only on the water, watch the bats fly out.

There was a saying back in the 1990s that the only reason Michael Jordan wouldn't win the MVP award some seasons is that writers were tired of voting for him. The same could probably be said of Fonde Rec Center and the "Best Place for a Pickup Game" Award in the city of Houston. It is, quite simply, the mecca of pickup basketball in this city and one of the most famous nationwide. For years now, Fonde has been renowned as one of the best places for aspiring hoopers to hone their game, and for basketball junkies to spot some of their favorite current and former NBA players keeping their game sharp. Fonde's reach ranges from adults to area kids, since it has also long been the home for many youth camps and local tournaments.

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