There was a saying back in the 1990s that the only reason Michael Jordan wouldn't win the MVP award some seasons is that writers were tired of voting for him. The same could probably be said of Fonde Rec Center and the "Best Place for a Pickup Game" Award in the city of Houston. It is, quite simply, the mecca of pickup basketball in this city and one of the most famous nationwide. For years now, Fonde has been renowned as one of the best places for aspiring hoopers to hone their game, and for basketball junkies to spot some of their favorite current and former NBA players keeping their game sharp. Fonde's reach ranges from adults to area kids, since it has also long been the home for many youth camps and local tournaments.

Cypress Trails is located near George Bush Intercontinental Airport, but it's hard to remember this place is anywhere near the city when you're out on a horse taking in the natural beauty. The instructors are patient and helpful with beginners, and they also approve experienced horsewomen and horsemen to take part in trail and endurance rides. No matter their skill set, riders get to enjoy the natural beauty of the winding forested trails alongside Cypress Creek from the back of a horse, watching egrets, herons and other birds winging along banks that in the spring are lined with wildflowers. Rabbits will sometimes appear on the trail, along with the occasional snake. Luckily, the horses are so well-trained and so familiar with the path that even snakes don't spook them. Giddyup.

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