The word "bartender" doesn't do Lainey Collum justice. She's more of a Mixology Mastermind; a Tincture Titan; a Cocktail Queen. With ninja-like skills and a seriously impressive résumé — including stints at The Hay Merchant, Double Trouble and Provisions — her knowledge of all things beverage is unparalleled. Today, you'll find Collum as the beverage director at Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, where she's crafted a head-turning lineup that manages to stand out in downtown's burgeoning cocktail scene. That's all thanks to her thoughtful balance of sophisticated classics like the Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned alongside inspired originals like the Fred Astaire — made with bourbon and tequila and coffee bitters, to boot. Drink away.

We like to buy all our major holiday gifts here, be it a foxtail butt-plug (faux fur, of course — we wouldn't want to feel guilty) for Uncle Walt, a satin-and-lace bustier for Grandma or a hot pink silicone vibrating dong dildo for the office Secret Santa exchange. Point is, if it's delightfully naughty you're going for, then you won't have to look any further than this Montrose mainstay, which has been keeping relationships (and one-night stands) fresh and exciting since 1982. They have an impressive selection of classic sexy garb, fetish outfits, masks, shoes, toys, makeup and a bunch of other stuff we'll let you discover on your own. You won't be disappointed.


Carol's doesn't look like much on the outside, but it's a place where clothing miracles are worked. You walk in with a dress your granny wore in the 1940s, 97 percent sure that there's no way to fix it, and then the good tailors at Carol's take over and with newly sewn hems and seams the dress looks like new. They'll repair and revive a coat that you were certain was a lost cause and make sure through thorough fittings that your vintage rayon swing dress is not only fixed but that it also fits like a glove.

It's your wedding day and everything has to be perfect, right? Well, you can count on The SenterPiece to provide beautiful, affordable flower arrangements that capture your vision for the day. Like elaborate and elegant? The SenterPiece has you covered. Maybe you're looking for simple and sensational. The SenterPiece has you covered. The florists at Senterpiece are wedding specialists with years of experience who never forget it's your day. As hundreds of happy couples can attest, they create arrangements that make a wonderful setting without distracting from the center of attention — the bride and groom. Of course, The SenterPiece provides flowers and decorations for any celebration, so remember them for birthdays, parties, the holiday season and the ever-important Valentine's Day.

READERS' CHOICE: Central Market

Dogs are the absolute best, but sometimes we need a little help because, say, our furry friends have taken to barking all night long or shredding books to ribbons or trying to attack other dogs on sight. That's where Donald Chambers comes in. Chambers is a certified dog trainer and a born dog whisperer. Even the most neurotic and obnoxious-to-all-others of canines (the ones who think trying to bite strangers is an acceptable way of saying hello) will leap into Chambers's arms and do pretty much whatever he asks of them. He's the best because, instead of judging our dogs and all their doggy issues, he figures out how to understand them, work out whatever is bothering them, and make things happier and mentally healthier for all concerned.

This being Texas, there's not exactly a shortage of gun stores. But not all such stores are equal, and Full Armor distinguishes itself from the crowd with a massive selection of both new and used pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns and accessories, all at decent prices and with excellent customer service. Whether you're a first-timer or a veritable gunslinger, you'll find what you're looking for. This place has everything from your basic Springfield .45 pistol to one bad-ass-looking Rock River AR-15/AK-47 hybrid carbine, and everything in between. Plus, Full Armor does amazing custom detailing — samples of their work are available on the easy-to-navigate and downright fun website. Oh, and did we forget to mention the "build your own" gun option, courtesy of Full Armor's full machine shop? Boom.

READERS' CHOICE: Collectors Firearms

This Sears is awesome for all kinds of reasons. Back when the place opened in 1939, it was a huge deal around here because this $1 million Sears was the first to open in Houston. On top of that, the department store featured the first escalator in Texas, and was one of the first air-conditioned, windowless (to prove to customers that the store really had the fancy air cooling) such stores in the state. The Main Street Sears (nicknamed "Fort Sears" after it underwent a massive overhaul in the 1960s) is still alive and kicking a few miles from downtown today, serving more than 50,000 customers per year. Whether we're after a new pair of black jeans, a good deal on appliances or some brand-new towels and sheets, we know that "Fort Sears" has us covered.

Whether you're a new rider, a casual rider or king of the mountain on every Strava segment you've traveled, Blue Line Bike Lab is our choice for Best Bike Shop. Not exactly sure what you want? Blue Line Bike Lab offers excellent advice for your next whip, and keeps the coolest of the newest bikes and accessories in stock at its two shops. Need a repair? The skilled staff is always ready to help you get back on the road. Buying a bike is a tough decision, and spending a lot of money at once isn't easy either. Blue Line Bike Lab also has a layaway plan to suit everyone's biking needs.

READERS' CHOICE: Blue Line Bike Lab

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