Most amusement centers these days look like what they are: relics from another time. They may fight the good fight to keep the lights on, but the chipped paint and faded signs show that they're not fighting that hard. For those times you're feeling nostalgic for the glory days of friendly competition with your friends, really want to show off your skeeball skills on a first date or want a badass go-kart ride, you'll be glad that Speedy's Fast Track is still alive and kicking. Have you forgotten what it's like to have fun without a cellphone in your hand? Get back in touch with the thrills of your youth and keep both hands on the go-kart wheel. Digital is cool, but so is the wind in your face.

When times are tight, Houstonians still love to golf, but we don't want to sacrifice quality for the price. That's why Wildcat Golf Club, since opening in 2001, has been the benchmark for daily-fee public golf courses in this city. It's a private-course experience at a public-course price, with rolling hills that give players a fantastic view of Houston's city skyline and sports stadiums from nearly anywhere. In addition to keeping their course affordable to the public (all-inclusive memberships are available for a few hundred bucks), owners Tim Loiodice and Elmer Stephens have made Wildcat the go-to for companies and charities to host corporate events and fundraisers. It's also an underrated spot to run into local sports celebrities, as it's the official golf course for all the Houston pro teams.

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