Best Of Houston® 2016

Houston. The word conjures up a feeling of motion. The city’s namesake was born in Virginia, then ambled to Tennessee, then the Arkansas Territory, then Texas before it was Texas. The Allen brothers famously founded Houston on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. Not content with the city’s inland location, civic leaders dredged the Ship Channel and brought all that commerce, all that motion, right into town. The freeways are designed for rapid movement, even though folks stuck on the West Loop might disagree. Houston has always been about motion, but lately it’s even more on the move. There are new tours on Buffalo Bayou, more bike-sharing options in the Village and quicker pothole fixes all over town. Space City also boasts new venues, new festivals, new views and a new star quarterback. In this issue we celebrate everything that makes Houston a vibrant, evolving city. That includes a chef who accomplishes more before brunch than most people do all day, as well as an auto mechanic with an impressive book collection. Along the way we’ll make stops at the best dry cleaners, the best comic book store, the best Korean restaurant, the best record store and the best wine bar. Oh, and we’ll also pick the pups back up from the best doggie daycare. Strap on your seatbelts. It’s time for the Best Of Houston®.

Best Of Houston®

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