Driving to Katy just to see a movie might sound silly, but in the case of the Alamo Drafthouse, it’s worth the time and gas. Houston has plenty of places to see a movie, but there are very few places where you might see a movie and also see an alligator in the theater; get to quote a movie out loud with strangers; consume movie-themed drinks and snacks; or get that person who keeps explaining the plot to his neighbor kicked out of the theater. Yes, the Alamo Drafthouse is a business, but, more than any other theater, it loves cinema. And if you love cinema, you’ll love the Drafthouse, no matter how far you have to drive to get there.

Located in Midtown, Glitter Karaoke isn’t a bar that also has karoake — here, singing takes center stage. Five nights a week, you can belt out your favorite songs from a vast catalog of hits from rock, hip-hip, country and more. On weekend evenings, the venue is often packed with a good mix of can’t-wait-to-get-up-there performers and others who are content just to cheer them on. And you don’t have to sing like Kam Franklin or rap like Bun B to show off your skills — the crowd is eager to cheer on performers of all talent levels. Some advice: The line forms early and gets long quick, so your best bet may be to arrive around opening.

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