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Best Of Houston® 2017

Our annual Best of Houston editors’ note would have been a lot easier to write if Harvey hadn’t shown up in town. But then again, Houston’s response to the destruction from Harvey’s winds and flooding shows that this is a community that knows how to work together when confronted by tough situations. This year’s theme had to do with medicine and health, and certainly at the height of Harvey, countless people showed how they could patch things up and get going right away. This same attitude is in play throughout the year. So let’s take a moment to see all that we have to be proud about. As usual, we’re going to show you around the city, pointing out the best things to do and the people who are doing those best things. Whether you are still knee-deep in clean-up, already back to business as usual, or somewhere in between, read over this handy guide with an eye to exploring all that Houston has to offer. Because as we all know, there’s a reason we’re all here. Best to make the most of it.
— Zach Despart and Margaret Downing, Co-Editors of Best of Houston 2017

Best Of Houston®

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