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Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant
2007 Grant
Houston, TX  77006
Like many other struggling singer­-songwriters in Austin, Amanda Pearcy has knocked on a lot of doors; according to her bio, the list of venues she’s played in her adopted hometown includes all sorts of honky-­tonks, coffeehouses and the stray hotel bar (albeit the famous Driskill). That sort of tenacity permeates Pearcy’s third and latest LP, An Offering, along with a wisdom that the artist knows more about human nature than she’s sometimes willing to let on but hasn’t become bitter because of it. If its 13 songs — including a faithful cover of Bobbie Gentry’s 1967 Grammy winner “Ode to Billie Joe” — have a common thread, it’s the quiet intensity that runs through the weary “Pawn Shop Gun”; sly and knowing “A Little Bit More”; or the smoldering blues “Every Now and Then,” just to name a few. In a field overcrowded with dreamers chasing the same rainbow, An Offering is a low-­key Americana gem.
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