Artist Cuts a New Path with CNC Laser and Acrylic Paint

Artist Cuts a New Path with CNC Laser and Acrylic Paint

A. M. Schaer Who Says Wonderwoman Has to Be Young and Curvy


Past Event

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1824 Spring St, 227
Houston, TX  77007
Myths Reinvented, featuring works by A. M. Schaer will open at Forum6 Contemporary on Oct 28 and continue through Nov. 10. Please plan to attend the opening from 6 to 9 pm the 28th The gallery is located at 1824 Spring Street #227, Houston TX 77007. The show consists of laser cut wood panels painted in acrylic depicting superheroes and other cultural icons with a unique twist. Instead of 20-somethings with movie star physiques, this artist's "heros" look like ordinary people and come in all ages, shapes and sizes. Sometimes she replaces their human heads with that of an animal representing their alter ego. (Imagine a macho biker with a bunny rabbit's head) The paintings poke fun at ageist and sexist stereotyping. The artist develops a drawing or collage on the computer representing her initial idea. She then converts the outlines of these images into a format an industrial grade CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) laser machine can read, and uses the laser to cut out the shapes. from birch plywood. and then paints them semi realistically with acrylic. Although they are flat, they interact with space more like sculptures since they are missing the background surrounded by a rectangular frame present in conventional paintings. The pieces are in the same space as the beholder, almost forcing him or her to interact with them. Contact A. M. Schaer, or Eduardo Portillo at 713 907 5424 for more info. The artist's website is and the gallery website is

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