Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series


Past Event
1-Day Pass - $22/2-Day Pass - $40

Location Info:

Black Swan Yoga (Kirby)
5310 Kirby Drive, Suite 101
West University, TX  77005
This workshop will be led by Jenn Broadwell. Ashtanga yoga synchronizes breath and movement to produce internal heat designed to purify the body. It is great for building strength, increasing flexibility, improving stamina and endurance, healing your mind and soul, and relieving tension and stress. This 2-Day Workshop is designed for those interested in breaking down the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. On Day 1 you will receive a brief introduction of the history of the practice popularized by K. Pattabhi Jois. You will learn the Sanskrit for each posture and we will walk through the beginning Mantra. Together we will flow through Sun Salutation A and B (Surya Namaskara), but, that is just the beginning. We will walk through the standing series and closing poses. On Day 2 we will repeat the Sun A and B sequences and the standing series from Day 1. We will walk through the seated series and repeat the closing sequence. Each day we will focus Tristhana, or three places of attention: breathing (pranayama), posture (asana), and gaze (dristhi). We will emphasize very detailed alignment. This Workshop can be interactive -- questions are welcome. It is targeted to those who are interested in learning what Ashtanga yoga is all about! [Organizer's description]

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