Battleship Texas Overnight Ghost Hunt Package

Battleship Texas Overnight Ghost Hunt Package

Time of event: 7 p.m. (04/06/19)to 10 a.m. (04/07/19). Get ready as Haunted Rooms America brings Texas an event you will be talking about for a long, long time! We are excited to bring you a night of ghost hunting aboard the USS Battleship Texas! No other group has offered members of the public a chance to investigate this historic ship, so you will be the very first! Not only will you have exclusive access to this monster of a venue for a night of paranormal investigation, but you’ll also have the chance to sleep in the same racks the sailors did during two World Wars! In its heyday, the Battleship Texas played roles in World War I and World War II. After retiring from service the Battleship Texas ended up moored east of Houston near the San Jacinto Battlefield. If the location near a former battlefield and being part of both World Wars does not give the Battleship a creepy factor assorted inexplicable activities do. People have seen anomalies that appear to be nothing more than vapor, while other individuals have heard unusual whispering and chattering around the vessel. People have also reported seeing a red-headed sailor in a white sailor’s suit about the ship. He is most often seen on the different decks. Sometimes the ghost is spotted with a smile on his face while standing in close proximity to a ladder. [Organizer's description]
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