Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival


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Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
The second annual Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival features more than 40 burlesque and circus acts. The result is a show that’s funny, naughty and a bit scary — one act features the nail-in-the-nose trick.

“[Performers] put so much time, energy and money — everything — into that three to five minutes to make it the best, most amazing five minutes they can,” says KiKi Maroon, the festival’s producer.

The performers are an entire theatrical crew rolled into one (sometimes two). They design costumes, lighting and props, and take care of their own tech. “Every act is like a miniature play that the performer wrote,” says Maroon.

Maroon handpicked the headliners over the course of the past year. After last year’s festival, she traveled around the globe, even as far as Italy, in her search for talented and unique performers. She met New York-based acrobat double act Tansy and “her ferocious lion, Leeon Sugar,” at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. “When I saw their act, I said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s it. We need them. They have to be in the Houston festival.’”

Leggy Lass Greenleaf, a contortionist burlesque dancer from Los Angeles; Matt Finish, a classically trained ballet dancer and the reigning king of boylesque; and Smolderin’ Scully & Miss Malacious: The Sexy Trapeze Duo round out the festival.

Maroon found additional acts through an open call. She received more than 100 video submissions from 11 different states. The result is a diverse festival featuring both classic burlesque of the Dita Von Teese variety and neo-burlesque styles.

Burlesque performer Maggie Motorboat is in the latter category. She takes the stage in a full chicken costume and dances her striptease to classic jazz. Maroon laughs. “It is the most hilarious, sexy chicken dance you have ever seen.”

This interest is a far cry from the days Maroon couldn’t book her shows at venues because burlesque was seen as too racy. (Last year’s festival drew a crowd of 900.) “It’s exponential. The more shows happen, the more people want to perform and get involved. It’s been really exciting to see that happen.”

January 22 and 23. Warehouse Live, 813 Saint Emanuel. For information, call 713- 225-5483 or visit $20-$75.

[Organizer's description:] The Second Annual Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival is here to bring together two timeless and titillating performance arts that will defy gravity and sweep you off your feet! This festival’s world renowned acts of breathtaking beauty and death defying stunts will leave you on the edge of your seat panting for more. You’ll be delighted by everything from demure showgirls to boundary pushing sideshow acts, and from grace in the air to grinding on the ground. The BCBC Festival promises to fulfill your desire for the adventurous side of entertainment with its displays of dangerous curves and daring skill! The weekend will feature classes, the Bayou Bazaar Vendors, and showcases featuring over 40 local and international performers, including: -Tansy and Her Ferocious Leeon : The Acrobatic Duo (New York, NY) featured in The Movers, Shakers, and Innovators Showcase at The Burlesque Hall of Fame -Leggy Lass Greenleaf: The Contortionist Burlesque Dancer (Los Angeles, CA), who’s been featured on NBC’s The Playboy Club, The San Diego Ballet, and The Edinburg Fringe Festival in Scotland -KiKi Maroon (Houston, TX) The award winning burlesque performer, producer, and radio personality. Named one of Houston’s Most Creative people by The Houston Press and one of Houston’s Most Colorful Celebrities by The Chronicle. Most recently voted Audience Favorite at The Queen Burlesque Festival in Italy. -Matt Finish: The Reining King of Burlesque (Tucson, AZ) crowned by The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas Information and Tickets:

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