Cary Reeder: I'm a Stranger Here

Cary Reeder: I'm a Stranger Here

Cary Reeder "I'm a Stranger Here" by Cary Reeder


2019-12-31 04:00:00

Location Info:

Mystic Lyon
5017 Lyons Ave.
Houston, Tx  77020
Mystic Lyon is thrilled to present "I'm a Stranger Here" by artist Cary Reeder, a new site-specific installation to be unveiled on the corner of Lyons Avenue and Mystic Street. The installation will remain on view on the outside of the building from September 1 through December 1, 2018 with a reception on Saturday, September 1 from 6-9pm. From the artist: “I’m a Stranger Here" is a site-specific window installation that takes a conceptual approach to addressing questions about community resources and assumptions that “strangers” make about neighborhoods that are lower income or racially/ethnically different from their own. This project stems from my background in Urban Planning, which I have a graduate degree in but only briefly pursued as a career. The field still interests me: What resources are needed for communities to thrive? What resources do communities have and which ones do they lack? What assumptions do outsiders make about neighborhoods that have a different income, racial, or ethnic makeup than theirs? What assumptions do I make? The installation represents an abstracted visual “map” of community resources in the Fifth Ward neighborhood surrounding the exhibition space. It served as a way for me to be a little less of a stranger and get to know a neighborhood that I my own assumptions about. [Organizer's description]

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