Cereal and Shots Art Show


Past Event
free with school supplies donation

Location Info:

Winbern Mess Hall
3701 Travis St.
Houston, TX  77002
iMiTs Art sets the foundation for artist to support the community through the Cereal & Shots Art Show in support of providing back to school supplies for underprivileged youth. iMiTs Art will be hosting the Cereal and Shots Art Show on August 25, 2018 at Winbern Mess Hall, from 4 to 8 p.m.. In order to promote artist who are interested in supporting the community, we make it our mission to contribute to community building projects which will evoke change. We ask that the public come together and bring school supplies for admission to the show. We want our future leaders to have all the tools they need to be successful. iMiTs Art is an organization that is interested in building the society we dwell in. There are so many things overlooked that we should take the time to acknowledge. From supporting live artist to encouraging passion in our youth, we must take action on the details in life if we are truly aiming to flourish and succeed as a community. To learn more, visit www.iMiTsArt.com [Organizer's description]

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