Deep Cuts’ Halloween Bloodbath

Deep Cuts’ Halloween Bloodbath

Photo by Alyssa Dupree


Past Event

Location Info:

Wonky Power Live
3534 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX  77003
It’s hard to imagine a more chill group within Houston’s indie ranks than Deep Cuts, therefore that makes them the most likely act to go Christian Bale in American Psycho for Halloween. Their most recent single, last summer’s “Friends” b/w Sade cover “Hang On to Your Love,” is a model of after-hours soft-rock smoothness, radiating the kind of poise that makes them ideal puppet masters for this “Halloween Bloodbath” Friday night at Wonky Power Live. Deep Cuts themselves are promising a tasty buffet of ’90s Top 40 favorites united chiefly by their one-word titles — “Pony,” “Smooth,” “Dragula,” etc. — and the promise of a truly sick dance floor. Come early for Oasis as imagined by members of Young Mammals, Narrow Head and Clare; folks from Baby Horse and the Lories taking on Frank Ocean; Robert Ellis & the Boys guitarist Kelly Doyle’s salute to Celine Dion(!); and Jazz Radio doing Soundgarden. All ages welcome, costumes encouraged, goosebumps mandatory. BYOB.

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