Dream Machine 2017

Photo by Jean Velez


Past Event
$20 to $40

Location Info:

The Grove
1611 Lamar St.
Houston, TX  77010
Imagine a local one-night-only mega-event unifying Day For Night, Santa Fe’s fantastical Meow Wolf, artist Brion Gysin’s hallucinatory Dream Machine and assorted clandestine goings-on. That’s what Bambull Black, the collective of artists Hannah Bull, Dom Bam and Black Cassidy, is after in their homegrown production, Dream Machine 2017, which this year invited 15 artists to create interactive, tech-inspired and digital installations to anchor the nightlong art party. The crux and namesake of the event is a reimagined Dream Machine by Noah Wight and Cactus Bath. Much like Gysin’s piece that was popularized by William Burroughs, this version is supposed to simulate an alpha brain-wave state that eventually generates sober hallucinations. “The idea is to give a platform for tech-inspired and digital installation artists,” says Bull about the event.

6 p.m. Saturday. The Grove, 215 Grove. For information, see facebook.com/events/1912306852350893. $20 to $40.


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