Experimental Action 2019

Experimental Action 2019

Karren Lovelady


2019-02-23 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. February 23
$20 Door

Location Info:

The Secret Group
2101 Polk St.
Houston, TX  77003
Houston’s international performance art festival is scheduled for Feb. 21-23, 2019. Experimental Action, Houston’s international performance art festival, kicks off Feb. 21 2019, showcasing groundbreaking performance art from across the globe. The second biennial Experimental Action Performance Art Festival runs over the course of three nights at multiple venues throughout Houston, Texas. It's three days and nights of non-stop exploration, creation, evolution, subversion, community, innovation, experimentation, connection, growth, action, rebellion, question, and destruction through the medium of performance art. This year’s festival includes an international roster of artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, and Chile. They will perform alongside some of the most innovative and provocative national and regional performance artists. The year’s Experimental Action international performance art festival focuses on “taking intentional and calculated risks.” This event creates an environment of engagement, exchange, and exploration through progressive creative actions of the artists while exposing Houston audiences to innovative performance art. The 2019 management team consists of Julia Wallace, Evan McCarley, Jonatan Lopez, Karren Lovelady, Chantal Wallace, Jennifer Free, Cassie Mira, Keely Richey, Joy Harris, and Dean Liscum. “I am looking forward to Houston coming together to experience performance art as a community. We welcome all types of people - even those who have had very little experience with performance art.,” ExA co-founder and director Julia Wallace says. “I am proud that we have had such an international interest. I am looking forward to experiencing the exchange that will occur when this diverse line up of performance artists engage with Houston.” Performers at this year’s festival include international artists: Simla Civelek (Turkey/Canada), Roos Hoffmann (The Netherlands), Schmitt & Schulz (Germany), Gustavo Solar (Buenos Aires/Chile); National artists: Robert Ladislas Derr (Colombus, OH), Cynthia Post Hunt (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Miao Jiaxin (NYC/China), Esther Neff (Brooklyn, NYC), Marcela Torres (Chicago / Salt Lake City), Doug Gast (Washington State); regional artists: Michael Anthony Garcia (Austin, TX), Kellen Stanley (San Antonio, TX), CLA022019 (Dallas, Tx), Jose Villalobos (San Antonio, Tx), and Colton White (Dallas, Tx); and local artists: Brittani Broussard, Andrew D’Mateo, Dinolion, Rosalia Lucio, Julia Barbosa Landois, Evan McCarley, Cassie Mira, Sean Penalber, Jim Pirtle, S. Rodriguez, Sarah Sudhoff, Dana Suleymanova, Antonius Tin-Bui, Lukas Wade, and more. This festival will also feature a creative infusion from Houston poets enhancing the Experimental Action experience with dynamic word play in collaboration with Public Poetry. Those interested in learning more about Experimental Action 2019 should visit the festival’s official website at http://www.experimentalaction.com. [Organizer's description]

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