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Fabled Flora

Images courtesy of the artists
Foto Relevance is thrilled to announce Fabled Flora, a group exhibition blooming with lush still life works from contemporary photographers Yelena Strokin, Robert Langham III, Claire Rosen, and Julia McLaurin. United by a love of precise compositions and delicate light, curated selections from these artists invoke a modern revival of traditional still life scenes. All are invited to join in this visual reprieve of storied blooms and meticulously-orchestrated symbolism. Fabled Flora will run from February 19th through April 16th. The exhibition features brand new works from longtime gallery artists Langham, Rosen, and McLaurin, and marks Strokin's Foto Relevance debut. ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Yelena Strokin’s still life settings call forth an elegant beauty reminiscent of 17th century Flemish paintings. In her series Off White, the artist augments this beloved, age-old style with her own monochromatic twist, capturing the transient subtleties in tone that natural light imparts on assemblages of white porcelain dishware. Invoking a similar appreciation for Baroque-era imagery, selections from Claire Rosen’s series Persephone’s Feast envelop viewers in an indulgent quietude. Each scene serves as a rich meditation on ephemeral objects—fruits that will inevitably spoil, flowers set to wilt. Created during a time when the cyclical proliferation and consumption of attention-grabbing media are inherent in our everyday lives, Persephone’s Feast implores us to pause and hold still—even if just for a moment. With a penchant for crafting an artistic record of the spaces in which we dwell, Robert Langham III and his silver gelatin prints speak of a certain kind of magic to be found in nature. Ranging from sunflowers blossoming at daybreak to dogwood leaves and magnolia blossoms poised in gravity-defying configurations, the artist’s images imbue a reverence for the environment and its wealth of stories. Adding in a touch of pop art influence, Julia McLaurin’s domestic tablescape installations embody an organized chaos that challenges the conventions of still life. In a manner similar to how 20th century artists reinterpreted the style of 17th century still life painters, McLaurin spins the genre of her predecessors with a unique, contemporary flair. In her works, typical still life fare is replaced with unexpected items such as sardines and duct tape—an act which transforms a classical way of thinking about materiality into something brand new. [Organizer's description]

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