Free films on the patio at Brasil

Free films on the patio at Brasil

Rebecca Friday Each week, you'll find a variety of events at Brasil and its sister art gallery, Flatland. These range from movie screenings, chef tastings, musical performances, community events and more.


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2604 Dunlavy
Houston, TX  77098
Enjoy free Halloween screenings Sundays & Tuesdays starting October 15th! Head on over to Brasil to get your Halloween movie fix on. Serving beer, wine, cocktails and late night food. Brasil is now open daily until midnight. All films start at 8:30pm on Brasil's back patio. "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass" .... who ya gonna CALL?! GHOSTBUSTERS! OCTOBER 2017 -8:30pm Brasil Houston Sunday 15th - Nosferatu ? 1922 ? Fantasy/Thriller Tuesday 17th - Ghostbuster ? 1984 ? Action/Adventure/Comedy Sunday 22nd - Beetlejuice ? 1988 ? Fantasy Tuesday 17th -Edward Sissorhands ? 1990 ? Drama/Fantasy Sunday 29th- Young Frankenstein ? 1974 ? Fantasy/Horror Tuesday 31st - The Shining ? 1980 ? Drama/Thriller

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