GAC Presents Three Exhibitions: Giovanni Valderas, Christie Blizard, and Regina Agu

GAC Presents Three Exhibitions: Giovanni Valderas, Christie Blizard, and Regina Agu

Artwork, Giovanni Valderas, Muy Escondido, courtesy of the artist and Galveston Arts Center


Past Event

Location Info:

Galveston Arts Center
2127 Strand
Galveston, TX  77550
Galveston Arts Center presents three exhibitions by three artists known for their text-based visual work. It may seem reductive to say of artist Christie Blizard that she sneaks text paintings into the background of various television programs, among other places, but it remains true. Of course that's not the only thing the San Antonio based artist does, she has a pretty wide-reaching and ambitious practice, but it's exactly the kind of light-as-a-feather situationism that could tip the balance of power from them... to us. You can't see it coming, and no one knows where it might lead. In a different kind of thing of a place out of place as a thing, recent Artadia grant recipient Alabama Song co-director artist Regina Agu presents Sea Change, a mural-sized vinyl vista of a dune, referencing, among other things, the themes of racial and economic inequality in Jean Rhys' novel Wide Sargasso Sea. Dallas based artist Giovanni Valderas uses broken up pinata bits to get people thinking and talking about gentrification, personal identity, and other functions of the strange back and forth between the US and Latin America. [Organizer's description:] Galveston Arts Center (GAC) presents three exhibitions by Texas-based artists in partnership with the 2017 Texas Biennial opening Saturday, October 14, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM with artist talks beginning at 6:30. In the 1st floor gallery, Dallas-based artist Giovanni Valderas incorporates Spanish idioms into piñata forms in an attempt to decipher the complex relationships between the US and Latin America for the exhibition Tradecraft. In the 1878 Gallery, Regina Agu reconsiders the landscape through photography, environmental research, and source texts for the exhibition Sea Change. In the Brown Foundation Gallery, Christi Blizard presents Wanting not to want, an installation of video and text paintings used in her ongoing appearances in the audiences of popular morning television broadcasts. These exhibitions will remain on view through November 19, 2017. For the exhibition Tradecraft, Giovanni Valderas pulls from his culture, history, and origins to produce three-dimensional mixed-media works that address the tattered relationships with his Guatemalan, Mexican, and American ancestry. This new work addresses issues with gentrification in Spanish speaking communities, and incorporates frayed elements of the piñata. Through the use of idioms incorporated into piñata forms, Valderas transforms these objects associated with celebration to highlight an alternate view of the decay of traditional structures. Regina Agu explores representations of the physical and historical landscape in her exhibition Sea Change. Agu’s work explores narratives related to language, history, and representation, and their intersections in contemporary ideas around landscape and communities of color. Central to the exhibition is an 80-foot panoramic photograph printed on billboard vinyl documenting a group of prototype sand dunes constructed from the sargassum that regularly washes up on Galveston’s shores. Using landscape photography, environmental research, and source texts, including Jean Rhys' 1966 feminist novel Wide Sargasso Sea, Sea Change is a speculative commentary on climate change, the tourism industry, environmental justice, and interrelated economies. Christie Blizard presents work from her ongoing project in which the artist holds up text paintings on The Today Show and Good Morning America for the exhibition Wanting not to want. Through Blizard’s disruptions of the broadcast, she tests the boundaries of free speech in America. Since 2014, Blizard has made approximately 30 appearances in the audiences of broadcasts of these popular morning television programs. The project has gained national attention through articles in Hyperallergic and ArtNews, and was nominated for an Art Matters award. For her exhibition, Wanting not to want, Blizard presents a new series of text paintings, video projections and still images taken from appearances during the summer of 2017. During the opening reception, Blizard will perform as Matt Lauer, host of The Today Show.

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