Group Show "Industrialism in the 21st Century"


Past Event

Location Info:

Nicole Longnecker Gallery
2625 Colquitt St.
Houston, TX  77098
Nicole Longnecker Gallery presents a unique group exhibition, “Industrialism in the Twenty-First Century’” featuring works from nine of America’s leading urban realist artists, including a painting from Don Eddy, one of the foremost Realists of the post-war 20th century. The exhibit is co-curated by modern realists Jan Anders Nelson (Sag Harbor, WA) and Allan Gorman (West Orange, NJ). “I am excited to present this group of artists and works to the Houston audience,” says gallerist Nicole Longnecker. “As Houston has been described as the model for the new American city, Industrialism is the new manifestation of America’s original art form, Precisionism. Our group of Industrialism artists may use differing voices, but the message is always one of wonder and appreciation for man-made subjects.”

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