Home School Registrations at The Health Museum Now Open

Home School Registrations at The Health Museum Now Open

The Health Museum


Past Event
Price per student: $50 for series of 4 classes, $15 per class, DIY labs are $20- $18 per lab

Location Info:

The Health Museum
1515 Hermann
Houston, TX  77002
Registrations for Home School activities at The Health Museum are now open! Parents can register their student for the DIY Labs, where they will discover human anatomy and organ functions with a wide selection of fun activities like live demonstrations and hands-on dissections. Home School at The Health Museum also includes a range of classes in the Wonders of The Human Body Series, dedicated to exploring the digestive system, respiratory system, immune system and more. During the DIY Labs, students will learn internal and external structures of different organs of the human body like the liver, brain, and heart. In addition to learning key dissection techniques, each participant will dissect parts of the human body as well as body parts of other living things, like cows, pigs, rats, owls, and various sea animals. During The Health Museum’s Wonders of The Human Body Series, each participant can sign up for a series of 4 classes that will explore different systems in the human body. Students will learn different aspects of the human body- how it works, what happens when we are sick, how to bring the body back to health, and how to remain healthy. Each month, the Wonders of The Human Body Series will immerse students in a learning journey about the body’s different systems: cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, immune systems, and more. Students will have a chance to learn the functionality processes in each system through live demonstrations and hands-on dissections of body parts. DIY Labs and Wonders of The Human Body Series include classes and activities for students of all grade levels, Pre K- 12. Classes and labs begin October 4th, 2017. The last class and lab will take place on the first week of May 2018. For the full class series and lab schedule, parents must visit http://www.thehealthmuseum.org/educational-program/home-school-health-museum. All labs and class registrations must be done online, no payments are accepted at the museum’s desks. Price for DIY labs range from $20-$18, per lab, per student, and Wonders of The Human Body Series classes are $50 for a series of 4 classes or $15 per class, per student. Members of The Health Museum receive a 15% discount. All labs and classes will take place at The Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Dr. Houston, TX, 77004. Private classes are available, for more information call (713)739-8462 or email homeschool@thehealthmuseum.org.

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