Information Society

Information Society

Information Society


2019-07-13 21:00:00
9:00 p.m. July 13

Location Info:

6292 Wilcrest Dr.
Houston, TX  77072
Don't miss this visually stunning show performed in front of 9' x 30' worth of 4k screens, this venue is perfect for the visually intense show that Information Society has created. NDC Houston not only has the screens behind the stage but the venue wraps you in video walls from 3 sides creating a truly emmersive experience. The only way to experience is to be there. For the first time returning to Houston since selling out their show in 2014 , Information Society will be here on Saturday July 13. Celebrating their 30th Anniversary just months go, Information Society's breakout single was 1988's "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)", a synth-pop and freestyle song, which spent 39 weeks on the dance chart, going straight to number one and would also peak at number three on the Hot 100 pop chart. The track included a vocal sample of Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek, saying "pure energy". [Organizer's description]
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