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Past Event
$39.50 to $199.50

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Toyota Center
1510 Polk
Houston, TX  77002
Much has been discussed in regards to 4:44, Jay Z’s mid-summer album that has since inspired numerous think-pieces and even course curriculum from its content. Like, how it’s not a “Jay-Z album but rather a Shawn Carter one” or how, at 47, Jay-Z is still captivating listeners with the nifty wordplay that made him the greatest rapper of all time. Giving fans something else to discuss, his tour supporting 4:44 is vastly different from any previous Hov. There’s no rectangular stage, just him standing in the middle of the arena, seen by all. He’s going to spill his guts and wince at repeating songs like “4:44” while being jubilant on songs of defiance such as “U Don’t Know” and “Bam.” He’s going to lay into his performance the same way he has for almost 21 years now: back-and-forth pacing, crowd engagement and sporadic pondering, as if Jay Z himself doesn’t know what his next move on the stage is going to be. Most of all, he’s going to use this tour as a living, breathing therapy session. Hov may not be considered peak Superman, but he can still show up, leap tall buildings in a single bound and drop a life gem or two.
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