Jennifer May Reiland "13 Arenas"

Jennifer May Reiland "13 Arenas"

Photo courtesy of Jennifer May Reiland


Past Event

Location Info:

Guerrero Projects
4411 Montrose, Suite C
Houston, Texas  77006
Born in Houston, borne up victoriously in New York City, Jennifer May Reiland drops into Guerrero Projects with "13 Arenas," an ambitious exhibition of watercolor and ink works and an eleven minute hand animated video. The titular arenas are both literal, including a bullfighter's arena, Houston's Astrodome, and the circular lens of a paparazzi's camera, and figurative, abounding in the way of Daumier's drawings or a Dickens novel with characters sprung from history and the artist's mind alike. Visually, the works recall the draftsmanship and well-stuffed frames of Henry Darger, Eugene Delacroix, Martha Colburn, and Mike Judge. The narratives threaded through the watercolors and the animation cast a wide net, encompassing a busy, bloody world of icons, various colorful figures of obsession---including Princess Di, baroque courtiers, bullfighters, and a world of attractive secondary ghouls spanning centuries.

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