Julie DeVries: Letting Go of Another Dirty Day

Julie DeVries: Letting Go of Another Dirty Day

Graphic courtesy of the artist and Jonathan Hopson Gallery


Past Event

Location Info:

Jonathan Hopson Gallery
904 Marshall
Houston, Texas  77006
Yon magic eight ball, the non-branded trademark-free edition, fogs somewhat when asked to describe the specific contents of Houston-based artist and educator Julie DeVries' new show of paintings at Jonathan Hopson gallery. Prepare yourself for the kind of neo-expressionistic painting that gives much more than it takes. Imagine an eye that eats the world just as it is, the abandoned lots, the trees ducking behind utility poles, the profusion of life behind the knife, and then imagine it colored, as it were, in the mind, by emotion. To this, add an exhibition announcement that reads like an abstract to the collected lyrics of Leonard Cohen, referencing litter, weeds, bleak times, and the search for hope and meaning, and you’ve got a crash course in the onrush of autumn. Exhibition continues until December 4.

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