Keller Williams' Grateful Grass

Keller Williams' Grateful Grass

Photo by Jim Bricker


Past Event
$20 to $23

Location Info:

Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
Bluegrass was the bedrock of the Grateful Dead’s sound, and however far afield their psychedelic improvisations may have led the classic-rock legends, the concept of “jamming” is so central to both camps that Keller Williams has kept up a successful sideline of bluegrass-style Dead tunes for nearly a decade now. Williams, the barefoot, idiosyncratic singer-songwriter who has collaborated with nearly everyone in the jam-band community (including all still-living Dead members) and released more than 20 one-word albums since 1994’s Freek, periodically convenes with the musical associates he calls Grateful Grass, keeping it all in the extended family by often donating the proceeds from their live recordings to the Dead’s REX Foundation. His Warehouse Live appearance, with companions Jeff Austin, Jay Starling and Danton Boller, is a boon to Houston Deadheads and bluegrass buffs, though it’s likely both will have their expectations tweaked quite a bit.
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