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Past Event
$8 to $11

Location Info:

River Oaks Theatre
2009 W Gray St
Houston, TX  77019
Still trudging through the blasted desertscape of the mind 33 years after Paris, Texas, Harry Dean Stanton hoofs along beneath the opening titles of Lucky, his richly aimless swan song, past cacti and scrub brush, the sparseness of the landscape suggesting something of the lead’s drift of mind. Stanton’s Lucky, an old salt who director John Carroll Lynch (yes, the beloved character actor) and screenwriters Logan Sparks and Drago Sumonja conceived of as essentially Stanton himself, tumbleweeds about a small desert town, interested mostly in the essentials. His response to a dude at the bar telling him about the game show Deal or No Deal: “So, a guy picks a case and I’ve gotta wait a fuckin’ hour to see what’s in it?” A woman who rescues pets insists that he should consider adopting a critter, giving it “a forever home,” and you may laugh in anticipation of his barfly philosopher’s response: “Nothing’s permanent.”

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