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Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Presents FEMFEST HOUSTON: VIRUS EDITION

Philip Hays
Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company continues their digital 2021-2022 season with the fourth installment of our reading series, FEMFEST HOUSTON, a series that focuses on new plays by women. This round will be VIRUS EDITION.. with 3 new plays by women that were inspired by the Pandemic. “This pandemic has changed how we move through the world. Just like anything in history, the hard things inspire art.” Says Artistic Director, Jennifer Decker, “We thought some of these stories needed to be shared.” FEMFEST HOUSTON:VIRUS EDITION will be streamed one at a time between May 24 and June 24, 2021. Tickets are free, with a donation appreciated. PLAYS: EVERYBODY’S DEAD by Brandy C. Carie May 24, 2021- June 3, 2021 “Annika is the multi-millionaire CEO of a doomsday prepper subscription box service. She is also trapped inside the massive custom bunker that she built to house herself…and her sex robot. Now, she’s suffering from cabin fever and skyrocketing guilt over the people she left behind to die” (a Dark Comedy)- New Play Exchange Directed by Dana Bowman, Cast: Courtney Lomelo, Jasmine Thomas, Rhett Martinez SITTING AND TALKING by Lia Romeo, June 4-13, 2021 “Charles and Enid are in their sixties, and have never tried online dating before, especially not over video chat. But now that they're confined to their homes, there's a first time for everything. A love story... or something like that.” - New Play Exchange Directed by Leighza Walker, Cast: Carl Masterson and Tek Wilson SKIN HUNGER TOUCH STARVED by Amy Gijsbers Van Wijk, June 14-24, 2021 “It's 2025. Everyone works remotely from a home office. Everyone has a home gym. Everyone is connected. Physical touch and intimacy are deeply restricted. Beryl, a touch specialist who works at The Agency, helps people supplant the desire for in-person touch with simulated touch. HITOUCH investigates what we gain, and what we lose, when society is left with the absence of physical intimacy, and given online connection. Who are we without touch, and who do we become?” - New Play Exchange Directed by Lyam Gabel, Cast: TBA. [Organizer's description]