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Rec Room
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My So-Called Life captured our high school years perfectly, yet many have never heard of it. One of the bright spots on early ’90s television, the Claire Danes vehicle ran for a mere 19 episodes in 1994. Yet in that brief stint, the angsty critical darling racked up a Golden Globe, four Emmy nominations and legions of devoted fans mourning the loss of a potential hall-of-fame series snuffed before its time. Now one of those faithful fans has big plans to revive the cult series, so clear your Mondays. “This was the greatest show, maybe ever,” says actor-writer-director and superfan Stephanie Wittels Wachs. “It was super ahead of its time, and dealt with issues we’re still grappling with today. The third episode was literally titled Guns and Gossip. [The series] tackles school shootings, sexuality, gender identity, female empowerment. And the writing is likely the best teenage writing of all time.” In the Rec Room revival, titled My So Called Mondays, a full cast performs each episode over 19 weeks. “I realized, people just want to be home watching -Netflix. What if we bring Netflix to the stage,” says Wittels Watchs. “These [episode] transcripts I’ve found are so obviously fan-written, and the stage directions are amazing. They’re so melodramatic and super emo — they’re like a character of their own.” She says the Rec Room was founded by theater artists burnt out on theater and just looking to do something fun.

8 p.m. Mondays, July 18 through August 6. Rec Room, 100 Jackson. For information, call 713-344-1291 or visit recroomhtx.com. $10.

[Organizer's description:]

My So-Called Mondays is a weekly performance event at Rec Room, a new recreational performance space in downtown Houston. For 19 successive Mondays, audiences will see a non-traditional staged reading of the 90's cult TV show, My So Called Life. We will perform all 19 episodes of this brilliant-but-cancelled series over the course of 19 Mondays. The show will obviously appeal to My So-Called Life enthusiasts but it will also be entertaining for anyone who’s experiencing it for the first time. The most exciting part of the project is that each night, various audience members will be selected to round out the cast and perform various small roles in that evening's episode. BYOB.

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