Opening for solo exhibitions - Mary Bucci McCoy: Vis - à - vis & Dimitra Skandali: Tiny - Vast Universes


Past Event

Location Info:

Gray Contemporary
3508 Lake St.
Houston, TX  77098
Main Gallery: Mary Bucci McCoy: Vis - à - vis. My approach to painting is deeply influenced by my early education and experience with clay and glazes — the materials, processes, craft and history of ceramic sculpture — as well as ongoing connection with the natural world. The work develops through experimental engagement with acrylic paint and mediums, water, and geological materials such as marble dust, sand and micaceous iron oxide. Through manual manipulation and maneuvering, the materials’ inherent physical properties — processes and forces such as fluidity, sedimentation and gravity — are exploited to create incidents within the temporal parameters of acrylic paint, i.e. the concretization through drying. Often suggesting an accretion of layers, most in fact occur in a single, intensely focused painting session. While obliquely referencing mirrors and art historical portrait formats such as cameos, rather than offering representation or reflected likeness, these oval paintings invite expanded reflection. The poetic visual language of color and material references the mineral, vegetal, animal and human within the intimate space of a “painting-as-mirror” deliberately scaled in reference to the human head. As “painting-as-mirror” rather than “painting-as-window” or “painting-as-object”, the work negotiates between presence and absence in multiple ways: besides cameos and portraiture, the circumscribed space of European religious icons and the spiritualized memorialization of bodily matter in relics/reliquaries inform this situation of presence/absence. The scale of the work invites quiet approach and presence, “being with”. Themati­cally, by integrating the human, vegetal, animal and mineral within an explicitly human space, the work suggests an alternative to a hierarchical representation of humanity and nature. Second Gallery: Dimitra Skandali: Tiny - Vast Universes. “Tiny - Vast Universes” will be re-installed in response to the space of Gray Contemporary. It aims to invite the viewer to re-discover new worlds through the uniqueness of unexpected elements; new worlds reveal themselves as people move around them and become more intimate with them. Sound, a combination of whisperings, sounds from places around the world, and an old traditional Greek song, travels the viewers to different (emotional/psychological) places depending on where they stand. [Organizer's description]

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