Opening Reception: Two Solo Exhibitions: "A Treatise on Love" and "Whispers"


Past Event

Location Info:

Samara Gallery
3911 Main St
Houston, TX  77002
The solo exhibits that grace the walls of SAMARA Gallery this month, from Houston-based artists Ann Marie Vancas and Maryam Lavaf, both feature work that has been inspired by sound and depict nature and human emotion in different but abstract ways. Vancas’s abstract surrealism, which she’s termed “sensuism,” is on display in “A Treatise on Love,” her paintings created by first matching music to her mood, choosing colors and then setting brush to canvas. Nature is a recurring theme in Lavaf’s art, and expect the pieces in “Whisper” to represent her connection to the elements of nature. The exhibits will be on view through July 8. [Organizer's description:] Samara Gallery is pleased to present two solo exhibitions, A Treatise on Love by Ann Marie Vancas and Whispers by Maryam Lavaf. Both artists combine the use of color and abstraction to form two new bodies of work that originate from sound, nature, and emotion.

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