Photo Pit - A Super Excellent Photo Event


Past Event
$30 Pre-sale & $40 at the door

Location Info:

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
1031 E. 24th St.
Houston, TX  77009
Houston, Texas has a gotdang great DIY creative scene. Artists that regularly create cool stuff here are some of the hardest working folks we know. However, a lot of the time there’s not cash left at the end of the day to take good headshots, band group photos, etc to promote the next event. That’s where Photo Pit comes in. This highly affordable event is an opportunity for local artists to connect, build new relationships and get a few new photos out of the deal. We’ve invited a group of very talented photographers to Dan Electro’s for an afternoon.

What: Photo Pit is an opportunity for local artists, builders and creatives to get promotional photographs at a very reasonable cost.

Who: A lineup of Houston's most creative photographers will be on hand to shoot including: Mikah Danea, Trina Moore, Erin Krimian, Jodan Asinas, Aaron Moreno, Jason McElweenie, Karo Cantu & Daniel Jackson (and possibly MORE to be announced!)

Why: There are LOTS of reasons, but I guess the top three are:
1) To improve the overall image of Houston’s thriving creative scene
2) To introduce local artists and local photographers
3) To make cool stuff
How: $30 pre-sale & $40 at the door (If you’re in a band or a group, PLEASE check-in at the same dang time. Check in as a group, shoot as a group). The Other Stuff: Rain or shine event. All proceeds will go to the photographers & Dan Electro’s bar staff. Sorry, but no refunds. [Organizer's description]

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