Project Row Houses Presents “Pythia is a Black Girl’s Name”


Past Event
Free, but may require taking public bus transportation

Location Info:

Project Row Houses, House of Practice
2505 Holman St.
Houston, TX  77004
Project Row Houses (PRH), a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people and enriching communities through engagement, art and direct action, presents “Pythia is a Black Girl’s Name,” created and conducted by Round 48: Beyond Social Practice artist Lisa Harris. “Pythia is a Black Girl’s Name” is a ritual improvisational performance series that will take place at Harris’ “House of Practice” (2505 Holman St.) in observance of the new moon and occasional full moon. The interactive performance is presented as an order of service, which includes the public's realization and sounding of the graphic score by the same name, as well a guest appearance by a master practitioner who will portray "Pythia" in the manner of their own unique practice during the performance ceremony and new moon and lunar blessings. Harris’ “House of Practice” is a holistic recreation center that creates a sacred space and a healing environment through the use of cool colors, calming and orderly interiors, mirrors, furniture, literature and a practitioner. The installation offers organic practices, materials, and information as alternatives to overindulgence in pharmaceutical consumption and digital recreation. Round 48: Beyond Social Practice’s site-specific installations highlight the critical work that artists play in shaping and framing socio-political issues while demonstrating their ties to various social justice movements and strategies. Round 48 is on display through Sunday, February 17, 2019. [Organizer's description]

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