Reading n Writing Mini-Residency with Vicki Fowler, Trevor Martin

Reading n Writing Mini-Residency with Vicki Fowler, Trevor Martin

Vicki Fowler


2019-12-31 09:00:00
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. daily

Location Info:

Mystic Lyon
5017 Lyons Ave.
Houston, Tx  77020
Reading n Writing We R U is a three-day writing intensive for moving and visual people. U R invited. This mini residency provides an opportunity to push collisions of writing and performance through our bodies querying performed potentials in a writing practice and allowing ourselves to be de-centered in our making. All of this in hopes of being centralized in our words and practice. How might the body serve as a tool for text? How might a measured movement inform our language? Can corporeal listening both slow and speed our investigations as writers? How may our words translate into image and bodily form? Participants are invited to bring their existing, in-progress writings to collectively digest and further develop through interdisciplinary modes of: charting, mapping, motion, and food. Chicago-based performance artist and faculty member of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago TREVOR MARTIN will lead the intensive. One pot communal lunches provided and made with love by host, VICKI FOWLER. (Vegan / gluten free options available upon request.) [Organizer's description]

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