Rec Room Residency Festival Presents, The Afterglow Collective

Rec Room Residency Festival Presents, The Afterglow Collective

Pin Lim


Past Event
$15 General Admission, $10 Student

Location Info:

Rec Room
100 Jackson St
Houston, TX  77002
Rec Room Arts presents as part of the 2018 residency festival: Camron Ross Alexander! Camron created The Afterglow Collective in winter of 2017. Made up of young Houston-based actors, designers and artists, the collective aims to create work that, much like their namesake, leaves audiences glowing with a new perspective on traditional texts. Propelled by his desire to shake up the Houston theatre scene, Camron says "rather than conceptualizing a text, we are proving its timelessness. Whether this means gender-bending characters, resetting them to the present, staging them with bold new design choices ( or anything beyond)- We’re down for the challenge." The first project for our group: a coked-out, modern-day, gender-bent, pop-music-fueled, adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Add to the mix that seven talented Houston actors will portray seventeen characters and you have a recipe for a Dream unlike any you've had before. In his year-long residency, Camron plans to expand the collective and continue shaking up the theatre scene with new takes on works by theatrical greats such as Ibsen and Chekhov. For the latest on this project and future plans for The Afterglow Collective follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theafterglowcollective. [Organizer's description]
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