Right in The Eye: A Movie-Concert Based on the Cinematographic Works of Georges Méliès

Right in The Eye: A Movie-concert based on the cinematographic works of Georges Méliès

old town theatre


2018-10-27 19:00:00
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. October 27

Location Info:

Old Town Theatre
1023 12th St.
Huntsville, TX  77340
Right in The Eye is a Live Movie-concert based on the cinematographic works of the legendary, groundbreaking and imaginative French filmmaker Georges Méliès. If you have seen the Academy Award-winning movie "Hugo," then you know a little bit about Méliès and the beauty and genius of his creation. For this performance, French composer Jean-François Alcoléa has written and performs a mesmerizing and magical score for each of the 11 classic films presented.  ALCOLÉA & CIE is a reactive and creative team comprising artists, visual artists and technicians working together to produce each show. The company presents multidisciplinary productions for the general public and productions for young audiences. Drawing its inspiration from the fictional fantasy worlds of such features as Le voyage à travers l’impossible (The impossible voyage), or the burlesque universe of shorts such as Un homme de têtes (The four troublesome heads), the movie- concert En plein dans l’œil (Right in the eye) presents a modern rendition of the poetic and playful universe of Georges Méliès by aptly serving both its images and its narrative. Lighting and scenic design impart a special identity that makes En plein dans l’oeil much more than a movie-concert. These staging techniques shape an ingenious production that is at once poetic and wondrous. The imaginative and playful universe of Georges Méliès was nearly lost to history, and public showings of his work are rare. Old Town Theatre in Huntsville was chosen as one of just nine theatres to host this performance in the U.S. on its first tour of North America. and we are proud to present for our patrons a performance that is both breathtaking and sublime in its scope.  Do not miss this performance. You will NEVER forget it, and you may never have this chance again. [Organizer's description]
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